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Dolly Parton - Better Get To Livin'

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Videoclipul Dolly Parton - Better Get To Livin' a fost trimis de YT pe 22 iulie 2008 15:26 si are 10040 afisari

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Versuri pentru videoclipul Better Get to Livin' - Dolly Parton

People always comin' up to me and askin'
"Dolly, what's your secret?
With all you do, your attitude
Just seems to be so good
How do you keep it?"
Well, I'm not the Dalai Lama, but I'll try
To offer up a few words of advice.
You better get to livin', givin'
Don't forget to throw in a little forgivin'
And lovin' on the way
You better get to knowin', showin'
A little bit more concerned about where you're goin'
Just a word unto the wise
You better get to livin'.
A girlfriend came to my house
Started cryin' on my shoulder Sunday evening
She was spinnin' such a sad tale
I could not believe the yarn that she was weavin'
So negative the words she had to say
I said if I had a violin I'd play.
I said you'd better get to livin', givin'
Be willing and forgivin'
Cause all healing has to start with you
You better stop whining, pining
Get your dreams in line
And then just shine, design, refine
Until they come true
And you better get to livin'.
Your life's a wreck, your house is mess
And your wardrobe way outdated
All your plans just keep on falling through
Overweight and under paid, under appreciated
I'm no guru, but I'll tell you
This I know is true.
You better get to livin', givin'
A little more thought about bein'
A little more willin' to make a better way
Don't sweat the small stuff
Keep your chin up
Just hang tough
And if it gets too rough
Fall on your knees and pray
And do that everyday
Then you'll get to livin'.
The day we're born we start to die
Don't waste one minute of this life
Get to livin'
Share your dreams and share your laughter
Make some points for the great hereafter.
Better start carin'
Better start sharin'
Better start tryin'
Better start smiling
And you better get to livin'...

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Oh my goodness Karma what a buietaful tribute! I am crying so hard right now it's hard to type through the tears, but I had to let you know how deeply touched I was by your video. You can tell he was a constant fixture in your family and I can only imagine how much you miss him. Thank you for sharing such a buietaful memorial of your furry family member.Hugs~Traci
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